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  • Luke Wistar Morris

Not Just a Concierge

What do you think of when you hear the word, “concierge”? Maybe you picture someone standing behind a desk in a nice black suit waiting to help you check-in to a hotel. However, what you might not realize at first thought is the important role a concierge plays in the success of your visit.

The Role Of A Concierge A concierge acts as the main caretaker, whether it’s a small boutique hotel or a large high rise. A good concierge portrays himself or herself as a role model for service excellence. They are trusted with a high form of accountability because they are held responsible for the daily, person-to-person interactions. They call cabs, make reservations, help with bags, suggest events and attractions, and much more. When you visit a new city and stay in a hotel, there is no better feeling than that of being welcomed and taken care of. Suggested Philadelphia Attractions If you visit Philadelphia and ask the concierge at the Morris House Hotel what you should do for the day, some suggestions may include:

  • Visit Benjamin Franklin’s grave at Christ Church Burial Ground and throw a penny on it for good luck.

  • Make your way to South Street to see the exquisitely reclaimed trash mosaics, mirrors and tiles at the Philadelphia Magic Gardens.

  • Get in touch with history by visiting the Liberty Bell and Old Independence Hall.

  • Do you prefer museums? Stroll down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and you’ll find The Barnes Foundation, The Rodin Museum, The Franklin Institute, and The Philadelphia Museum of Art.

  • Escape the hustle and bustle of the city at Fairmount Park, one of the largest urban green spaces in the country.

The Makings Of A Good One Even though a concierge may have knowledge about their city, they often work in ambiguity each day. They do have tasks that typically stay the same, but there is bound to be something new that comes their way each day as well. What makes a great concierge is their ability to not be phased by the “something new” that a guest might present them with. A great concierge performs this by being personable but not taking anything too personally.

A concierge also acquires the trait of adaptability in the sense that they must be flexible to fit changed circumstances. They are capable, and most of all willing, to make changes in response to their environment. There is an emphasis on commitment in the business of hospitality because there is an insistent allegiance to find a way to make it happen, no matter what “it” may be.

Julio, the hotel manager at The Morris House Hotel, speaks on what it means to go the extra mile as a concierge. “It’s all about providing good customer service. You must have attention to detail, be a team player, and focus on making your guests happy. When I hear a guest talking about how much they enjoyed their stay at the Morris House and they mention the concierge, I know he or she went the extra mile to make that guest’s stay special.”

It’s a nice surprise when a hotel in a new city is made to feel like home. Allow yourself to experience that feeling at The Morris House Hotel. Julio, Robert, Linda, George, Eric, Victor and Jerry are ready to make your stay beyond delightful. Go here if you have questions you need answered.

The Morris House is a Boutique Hotel, located in Philadelphia historic district. Whether you are looking for a romantic hotel getaway in Philadelphia, traveling on business or looking for hotels with extended stay in Philadelphia, the Morris House Hotel offers an incomparable atmosphere of contemporary sophistication that respects the landmark’s 18th-century colonial heritage. 

With amenities like 24 hour concierge service, free Wi-Fi, complimentary continental breakfast and afternoon refreshments, there’s nowhere else in Philadelphia that will consistently exceeds your expectations. 

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